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~ What you can expect ~ Diary Dates ~ Joining Nlab ~ Contacting Nlab ~


To access our club website, attend our XXX club Nights & Days and access our adult WhatsApp chat rooms, you need to be a community member.

Membership is free.


When you join the private chatroom, say “Hi” so we know you are there.


Please be patient as we are a small team of volunteers and we do have day jobs and other commitments but we will get to you.

To keep our community safe one of our team will private message you and ask for some joining info and on-line proof of age and ID. (See terms and conditions).


This info will stay with our security gateway team and won’t be passed onto the group or be accessible from the website. We fully understand that some members want to be discreet and this will be respected.


Have fun and get involved we have a great community.