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Norfolk Lab Is a *Male Only* Adult Organisation.

We welcome Men, Trans Men, Genderqueer Men and non-binary people (who are significantly male identified).

You can be gay, bi or straight - we don’t care.

We offer a relaxed time for all, with socials, ideal for making friends if your a bit unsure our main events are for you or not.

You don’t have to cum to our club night to attend a social.


Our primary venue for Nlab is in Great Yarmouth, with social events held also in Norwich and days out throughout the region.

Our social nights are at the Glass House, Norwich, upstairs and left. (The foods fine, the alcohol is showing and we haven't finished desert yet).

When you first visit our venue in Great Yarmouth, a Teamster will show you around and introduce you to some members. You can relax in the bar area with a coffee or a beer from the Bar or join in the fun when you're ready.


As we all know, joining a new community is a nervous task but don't worry, we've got your back.

It's all at your pace.


There are no fixed dates for our social days out, so look out for added dates to our Diary page, WhatsApp chat , Instagram or facebook for the next Social event.


We will be expanding the non-members side in due course.